BiCu alloy SEM Diffraction processed silicon wafer Single crystal nanowires Soap bubble interference Turbo pump UHV chamber assembly


Dr Steven Stanley

Steven has over 10 years experience in the thin film industry, with a PhD in magnetron sputtering and having worked as process development engineer with sputtering and ebeam deposition equipment.

During his career Steven has undertaken significant training for optical coating design and experience with applications such as precision optical coatings for UV, Visible and MIR/FIR applications, ophthalmic and coatings for polymers, electrochromics, tribological coatings and decorative coatings as well as a range of analysis and characterisation techniques for such processes.

Steven is a National Technology Manager for the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) supporting SME's in developing novel technologies to support the Civil Aerospace Industry in the UK with grant funding and project support.

George Titley

George has over 30 years experience with industrial equipment test and installation, starting as a technician, before moving on to Head of Test and Service, Senior Installation Engineer and Production Supervisor. These roles include fields such as industrial electronics, electronic control and safety equipment as well as test, calibration and logging equipment installed nationwide for the National Blood Service.

Since then George has moved into the industrial vacuum industry, working with industrial vacuums in the oil and gas industry with gas flow systems, vacuum pumps, mass spectrometers, calibrated leak systems and pressure transducers and subsequently leading the assembly and manufacture of industrial coatings systems and performing worldwide installation, support and training. This role is continued with Light Coatings as we continue to support the same customers with their equipment and supply of consumables.