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Our Vision

Our company's vision is to be a leading provider of PVD coatings and consultancy, offering innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and create value for their customers.  We strive to be known for our expertise, reliability, and customer-centric approach, building long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.  Our vision is to create a positive impact on the world by providing sustainable solutions that improve the performance, durability, and aesthetics of our clients' products, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.  We aspire to be a company that is respected by our industry peers, admired by our clients, and valued by our employees and stakeholders and to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in which we operate.


PVD Coatings on 3D printed gears

Light Coatings Ltd can provide a range of manufacturing services around the coatings industry.  This can include component manufacturing, substrate sourcing, dicing, coating and mechanical component manufacturing.

We have internal 3D printing capability for rapid prototyping and functional component manufacture and in house design capability for mechanical components.

Optical Coatings

Using our state of the art reactive sputtering technology we specialise in precision optical coatings for UV - Vis- NIR - MIR -FIR optics for mirrors, antireflective coatings and complex filters.


In addition our low temperature process is particularly suited for coatings on polymers and also for the reactive deposition of hard durable coatings.


We also produce conductive coatings such as Copper and Silver as well as transparent conductors such as ITO.

Notch Coating Design

We provide consultancy to a range of customers from optical coating design using our range of simulation, modelling and optimisation software to complete process development and troubleshooting.  


We also support customer new to the industry or with new product requirements with equipment specification, project management and technology assessment. 


Whatever your need for support with PVD Coatings we can support you or direct you to a partner that can.

Contact Us

Campus Technology Hub

Daresbury Laboratory,

Keckwick Lane,

United Kingdom


+44 (0)845 1549796

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