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3D printed and coating fidget

3D Printing

Formlabs 3

SLA printing of high performance Formlabs resins for superior surface quality components.  The surface finish of SLA components ensure excellent aesthetics and accuracy for high performing prototyping and engineering components/prototypes.

Light Coatings Formlabs Printer

STFC Facilites

Based at the STFC Daresbury site, and situated across from the campus technology HUB we have easy access of a wide range of 3D printers and printer technologies to support activities.  These include metal printing as well as various polymer printing technologies.

3D Printed Daresbury Coin

10K Industrial Prototyping

We carry stock of Formlabs 10K resin for high load, high temperature and excellent rigidity prototype and functional components.  This glass filled polymer also lends itself to coating with our in house facilities.

3D printed Gear

Formlabs Resins

We can source many resins from the selection from formlabs and are happy to print in new polymers where this supports our additional activities and services.

Choose a resin

Ready to take the next step to a coating solution?

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