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PVD Coated stratasys component

Coatings for Polymers

Optical Coatings for Polymers

Our technology is specifically designed for the coating of polymers with optical coatings such as Antireflection coatings, filters and mirrors.

3 windows with optical coatings

Polymerised Silica

Light Coatings have the capability to apply Polymerised Silica sealing/buffer layers to polymers through an insitu PACVD process.

Hydrophobic coatings

Barrier Coatings

Light Coatings can undertake a range of coatings to act as barriers for moisture, air or chemicals, through the application of dense Al2O3 or custom designed layers and materials to suit your specific application.

Plastic Bottles

Through our current research projects we are developing the capability to apply hard wearing, chemically resistant and in some cases decorative coatings to a range of 3D printed polymers.

PVD Coated 3D print

Vacuum Plasma Treatment

Of critical importance for coatings for polymers is the use of vacuum plasma pretreatment.  This is a routine aspect of the coating process depending on the polymer type but can also be performed as a stand alone treatment for specific applications for surface energy and activation.

vacuum plasma

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