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300mm Silicon Wafer

Component Manufacturing


We can source and provide coatings for precision optics utilising our network of suppliers for a wide range of optics.

4 optical windows

Polymer Optics

We can source a wide range of polymer optics from micro lens arrays to large polymer lenses and specialist large format polymer components.  We are able to combined this with fabrication, machining and a variety of coatings where required.

Plastic Lens Blanks

Vacuum Coating Parts

We supply a range of vacuum parts and consumables to custom designs to a range of customers.  These can be from specific target materials to custom machine components.

Magnetron Sputtering Target

Wafer Components

We use wafer substrates from Silicon and Germanium to Sapphire and can supply a range of coated wafers to custom shapes and requirements.

Diced Sapphire Wafer

Metal Components

Through a range of suppliers we can supply a range of coated metallic parts with decorative, durable or other functional coating types.


Optical Housings and Assemblies

We can design custom optical housings and assemblies for custom requirements

Image combining telescope optics

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